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Johnny Gimble recordings and memorabilia found in storage shed

Sixty-two-year-old Seattle fiddler Paul Anastasio vowed that music legend Johnny Gimble would not be forgotten after “boxes and boxes” of tapes, recordings, and memorabilia of the late country musician were found by the Gimble family in a storage shed at Gimble’s home in Dripping Springs, the Waco Tribune reported on May 17.

Texas-born Johnny Gimble built a career playing the fiddle and the mandolin – both in live performances and in the recording studio – for more than half a century, earning him the reputation of a champion of western swing music.

Anastasio had always been interested in recording music, spanning the days when he recorded performances by jazz violinists Joe Venuti and Stephane Grapelli. Within eight years, Anastasio had made yearly trips to hear musicians in the Michoacan and Guerrero states of southwest Mexico, amassing around 3,000 hours of recordings and over 300 transcribed tunes.

To preserve Johnny Gimble’s music, he started the process of transferring the tapes and other recordings he found to digital media.

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