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Spring cleaning your self storage unit

Most people forget to spruce up their storage unit every once in a while since the area isn’t a part of their daily life, however spring cleaning doesn’t only apply to an apartment or house. If your belongings are worth putting into storage, they are worth protecting and maintaining through some light cleaning.

The most efficient way to clean your self-storage unit is by removing your possessions completely before tackling the area. Sweeping and mopping the floor in order to eliminate the debris and dust that has accumulated over time is the first step to extending the life of your stored belongings. Re-organizing and individually placing your belongings back into the space after a quick wipe down can significantly help keep your space safe for months or years down the road.

By storing your belongings in a high quality self-storage unit, you can avoid the chore of cleaning out your storage unit quite as often. At Pond Springs Mini Storage, we offer a number of accommodation options for your valuable possessions. Please call 512-335-1500 to speak with one of our staff about the services we offer and how we can help you fulfill your storage needs.