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4 Tips for Long-term Storage and Preservation

Self-storage units can be a great option for storing your valuable possessions for long stretches of time. Unlike attics and basements that can become dangerously hot in the summer or be susceptible to humidity, a climate controlled self-storage unit can offer you a safe and clean space for your belongings to stay. If you are like the many Americans that are not positive how long they will need their storage units, it is good to prepare your belongings for long-term storage.

Knowing how to properly storage your items for the long-term is important in order to preserve their original condition. The following steps are integral in order to maintain the pristine condition of your goods:

  1. Clean and Prepare Your Possessions
  2. Disassemble Any Pieces
  3. Cover and Protect
  4. Maximize Unit Space

Removing dust and other particles that could deteriorate your possessions over time is an important first step to preparing your belongings for storage. Larger furniture should be disassembled for easy transportation to and from the storage unit. Once your belongings are secured in your storage unit, cover your valuable items with some of the packaging materials that were suggested on our Austin Storage Tips page.

You can find more tips for storing your possessions at our Austin Storage Tips page. For your self-storage needs, consider one of our three Austin area storage locations with My Austin Storage. With our competitive pricing and vast array of storage unit options we can help you find the storage unit solution you need. For more information about the units we offer or to speak with a member of our Austin self-storage team, call (512) 441-0101 today.