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How to Save Money with a Self-Storage Unit

For many people, a self-storage unit is needed when there is simply not enough storage space in their home. When shopping for a self-storage unit, cost should never be a limiting factor in renting the space you need. Fortunately, Ben White Mini Storage has tips to save you money as you start the search for your perfect unit.

  1. Get More Organized: By selling, donating, and sifting through old belongings you may find that you can easily get rid of items you no longer need or want. This will help lower the storage space you need and reduce rent.
  2. Rent the Smallest Space You Can: There’s no need to pay for space you are not going to use. Learn to pack and rearrange your unit until it is comfortably compact.
  3. Compare Storage Unit vs. Apartment Pricing: You may find it makes much more sense to pay for a storage unit rather than a bigger apartment with an extra bedroom to store your excessive possessions. Cut costs by weighing a storage unit price with increased apartment rent.
  4. Check Discounts: Many storage units will have specials or discounts to help you make the transition more affordable.

For more tips, check out our Self Storage Tips & Tricks page. The team at Ben White Mini Storage is happy to answer any of your questions about the units we offer and pricing. Please call (512) 441-0101 today to speak with a storage specialist about your needs.