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7 things to know before renting a storage unit

A storage unit is an investment that protects your valuable possessions when you no longer need immediate access to them or have run out of space in your home. Choosing a storage unit facility that will meet your needs at your price point can be difficult to find. Many storage units will have misleading initial discounts or will not offer the latest security system to keep your property safe.

The following list includes need-to-know considerations when choosing what facility or storage unit you need to store your belongings for a long or short-term.

  1. Researching storage facilities is important
  2. Security gates and padlocks are necessary to protect your belongings
  3. Compare short-term and long-term prices with discounts
  4. Climate controlled units protect your goods longer
  5. Planning ahead saves you time, money, and stress
  6. Moving trucks have similar discounts as storage units
  7. Storage unit insurance is a responsible decision

For more tips and tricks, check out our webpage for helpful hints on how to make the most out of your storage unit. Pond Springs Mini Storage offers an abundant selection of storage options to meet your storage unit needs. For more information on our specials or help picking the unit that’s right for you, call (512) 335-1500 today.