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Takind steps to protect your belongings

Disasters can happen in any part of life, so it is important to always be prepared. At Ben White Mini Storage, we take measures to protect your belonging from a number of threats; we know that you’re not just paying for a storage space, you’re also paying for peace of mind.

Our facility has a number of disaster preparedness plans in place that enable our employees to take quick, decisive action in the event of any emergency situation that may result in looting or theft, such as power outages, natural disasters, or other freak accidents.

At Ben White Mini Storage, we keep important contact information on hand so that we can answer any questions you have or reach out for help from authorities as quickly as possible. We also take the necessary steps to insure our properties and your possessions.

Ben White Mini Storage, located along Highway 71 near Interstate 35 in Austin, Texas, provides excellent service at a convenient location for all of your self storage needs. To learn more about our location, call our offices today at (512) 441-0101.