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Store your belongings between apartments

Once you go through all the trouble of finding the perfect apartment, there’s a chance that your current leasing period will not quite match up with new one. In the meantime, you will need a safe, clean place to store all of your belongings until that new lease finally begins. That being said, you should consider storing your possessions with Pond Springs Mini Storage during the move.

Whether you want to keep your items in a climate controlled unit or you simply want a secure place to leave your possessions, our Pond Springs Mini Storage facilities will provide you with the peace of mind that you have every right to expect from a company like ours. Aside from the fact that our property is fully fenced, our facility is outfitted with security cameras and monitored by a Resident Manager.

At Pond Springs Mini Storage, we understand that you will want more than just a place to keep your things, and we have taken the measures necessary to protect your belongings so that they come out of storage the exact same way they went in. To learn more about our location or to ask about our pricing, please call our offices at (512) 244-101 today.