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Tips for self-storing your belongings

Making use of a self storage space will undoubtedly help you de-clutter your home and free up space for other things that you might use year round. This is especially true of seasonal items, such as warm clothes that only take up space during these cold winter months. While the benefits of self storage are plentiful, it is important for you to be aware of a few key tips regarding proper storage techniques.

Before you put your items up in storage, you might want to repair any of your things that are slightly worn out or have acquired some damage. This can help prevent the damage from getting worse.

Make sure that your items are clean before storing them as well. Stains that set in for longer amounts of time prove more difficult to clean. You may also want to consider proper storage containers, such as plastic boxes with seal-able lids, in order to provide as much protection as possible.

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