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Items that shouldn’t be stored in a storage building

Self-storage is a great way to house your belongings when looking to free up space, but there are some items that are unsafe to store. While the following list includes many of these items, it is not exhaustive. When in doubt, always ask an employee if the item is safe for storage.

• Materials that are flammable, combustible, or toxic should NOT be stored. Some examples of such items include cans of gasoline or propane tanks.
• Medical equipment is generally fine, but it is illegal to store any equipment containing radioactive materials.
• Pet food or human food items that are not canned should not be stored, as the food can easily spoil and make you sick upon consumption. These type of foods can also attract bugs and rodents.
• Stolen items should not be stored, as this is illegal.
• You may not plug in a refrigerator, heater, generator or any similar electric item. Living in a storage unit is prohibited.

While most items are fine to store, items that could cause harm to you or the property should never be stored. No matter what reason you are in need of a storage unit, call Mopac Self Storage at (512) 244-101 to discuss the various sizes and options we have available.