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Study grants insight into the country’s clutter problem

There is a nationally recognized day for people who wish to store their most personal things in bubble wrap and boxes. It’s called National Moving Day, to highlight the beginning of moving season, and starts yearly on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. This year National Moving Day was celebrated on May 31.

The Storage and Moving Study conducted by Virginia-based research group Wakefield Research took a look into the effect of clutter in the lives of Americans. The findings show that clutter is a big part of the American life: it impacts our time management, personal relationships, and health. The study also showed that often it is guilt that makes most people hold onto things they don’t necessarily want. The items that most people would feel too guilty to throw away include gifts (51%), a family heirloom (49%), clothing not often worn (43%), greeting cards (41%), and drawings or other artwork that their children made for them (21%).

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