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Moving, self-storage fast-growing industries in the U.S.

Advances in the self-storage and moving services industry are expected to be driven by mobility in the United States as more individuals and businesses relocate to avoid high rates of real estate after the recession and extended slow recovery, revealed in a report titled Self Storage and Moving Services conducted by Cleveland, Ohio-based research firm The Freedonia Group.

Consumer and Commercial Products manager Jennifer Mapes-Christ said some people find it necessary to move to get additional storage space for their properties, while other people, who are already living in urban setups, find that they are afforded the necessity of acquiring more storage space because of their change in lifestyle from a rural to an urban one, noting, “Additionally, as more baby boomers downsize, family heirlooms and other large possessions will increasingly be kept in storage.”

The continued boom in both the self-storage and the moving services industries can also be attributed to an increasingly competitive environment as these sectors do not require too stringent rules to enter.

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