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Discussing Climate Change in Storage

In Austin, we can experience high humidity rates, dry heat, flooding, and drought, all in a matter of weeks. At Mopac Self Storage, we work hard to keep your items in safe care. However, some weather conditions can cause issues. Thankfully, we offer climate and temperature controlled storage units that can help ensure the protection of important items. When considering a climate controlled storage unit, you should think about factors such as the value and sensitivity of your property.

One of the main benefits that climate controlled storage offers is protection from external factors such as weather conditions, pests, and corrosion. Oftentimes extreme temperatures, which are commonplace in Austin, will cause damage to wood products or decrease the value of items such as computers, antiques, and books. Climate controlled storage units will also give extra protection to storage units exposed to flooding and humidity, two of Austin’s most frequent weather hazards.

At Mopac Self Storage, our Austin storage units can help ensure that external factors or even simply the passing of time does not damage your property. Maintaining a stable temperature in your unit is beneficial and assures that your items remain safe and sheltered. Additionally, our staff would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about storage units. Please call our Austin offices today at (512) 244-1011.