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How Do You Know When to Invest in Self Storage Services

According to Alexandria, Virginia-based Self Storage Association, the self-storage industry is emerging as one of the fastest rising in the United States in the last 30 years, due to the perception among investors that the self-storage service industry is a counter-cyclical type of property based on the fact that people, no matter what their status in life is, will always need storage space.

Another factor why the self-storage service industry is very attractive to investors is its insulation from the economic cycles; meaning, demand for storage space is not dependent on the status of the economy. For instance, when the economy is weak, young peopleĀ tend to return home to their parents until they can afford to liveĀ on their own again; stuff at their house need to be stored in other places. Conversely, when the economy is strong, people have more disposable income, and when they have more disposable income, they tend to buy more stuff, which needs storage.

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