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Erin King of the California Self Storage Association widens area of control

The national Self Storage Association along with the California Self Storage Association have crafted an understanding that will allow CSSA executive director Erin King to handle SSA initiatives.

King will remain with her existing role with the CSSA while widening the base of her duty coverage to include functions in western states and at the same time representing SSA during its two national conferences.

SSA chief executive officer and president Tim Dietz welcomed the development, noting, “Erin is a 15-year veteran of the self-storage industry, and for more than a decade, she has run one of the industry’s largest trade associations. We are particularly appreciative that the CSSA board of directors has supported this cooperative model.”

For his part, CSSA chairman Dean Keller said, “We are pleased to reach an agreement with SSA that encourages a collaborative dynamic within the industry and offers Erin the opportunity to expand her impressive career while also preserving the independence of our state association.”

King was a former chairperson of the SSA Affiliated Associations Council.

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