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Verify Your Self Storage Unit’s Actual Size Before Renting It

If you’re looking to rent a storage space at a self-storage facility, it is wise to verify whether the size of your storage unit is as what the facility advertised. Measurements in the self-storage industry can be inexact. It is similar to how a common 2-by-4 is really 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches. There is wiggle room between the nominal size and actual size. Storage unit size is also influenced by wall, slab, and door configurations, and building design.

In one Self-Storage Talk forum thread, a self-storage facility manager posted about an irate customer whose frustration came after he found out that the unit he was renting was actually an 18 foot by 8 foot space rather than the advertised 20 feet by 8 feet. Self-storage attorney Jeff Greenberger said some self-storage terminology is ripe for concern. For instance, when a self storage facility advertises that it has climate control, it is vague whether the facility is saying that their units are heated and cooled or temperature and humidity controlled.

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