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Facility managers versus call centers for storage facilities

Owners of self-storage facilities usually are not tasked with having to personally oversee new rentals.  For that, they have facility managers. The job of a facility manager is to coordinate with customers – both prospective and existing – and cater to their needs. This duty can mean driving new customers to the facility and giving them a tour of the place or making sure current customers are satisfied.

Independent self-storage owners, the purveyors of mom and pop businesses, often operate as described. However, when you consider self-storage conglomerates, companies that own multiple branches all over the nation, it would be impractical for a facility manager to take care of routine steps such as listing the information of prospective customers, giving them a pitch to win their business, or physically showing them the place.

Here is where developing a call center for a self-storage company comes in. Devising a plan to route all inquiries, reservations, and other concerns to a centralized office is a good way to streamline operations and keep customers happy.

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