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Clear Your Life of Clutter Today!

Getting rid of the clutter in your home can result in numerous benefits to you and your family over the years. However, the problem for most people, is finding it difficult to assess which things you should keep in your home and which things need to go.

A step that can make it easier for you is compartmentalizing your possessions into three categories: the “yes,” the “no,” and the “maybe” piles. The “yes” pile should contain items you are sure you should keep, because you currently need them or foresee you will be using them in the future. The “no” pile should contain things which have already outlasted their use, or things which you can easily buy to replace the old ones you now have. The “maybe” pile should contain items which may need more of your time to decide about. For instance, childhood or early adolescence mementos, gifts of friends or acquaintances, and outfits which would fit you next summer, perhaps.

The Pond Springs Mini Storage facility in North Austin provides excellent self-storage services for people looking to free up more space in their house who cannot bring themselves to throw their stuff away. Call our offices today at (512) 335-1500 to make reservations for one of our units or get answers regarding some of your questions about the services we provide.