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Three Factors Affecting Your Storage Unit Price

Three Factors Affecting Your Storage Unit Price

Whether you are moving, have a valuable collection, or simply own too much stuff, a storage unit is extremely useful. Television shows, such as Storage Wars, have glorified the practice of storage unit auctions, but the real value of these protective units is that they can cheaply house your valuables. Nearly every urban area in the country, and many rural ones, has storage yards in areas where land is cheap. The quality and ownership of these services vary from company to company, so extensive research is always prudent when deciding where to store your belongings.

When deciding on a storage facility, consider the factors that determine the quality of the facility. How professional is the ownership? Can you trust their security? You should ask these and other questions before spending any money. When considering the large discrepancy in prices between different storage facilities, consider the following factors:

  1. Climate-controlled storage units prevent damage to wood furniture, fabrics, and other items that must remain in pristine condition. When deterioration is a concern, a climate-controlled storage unit is a wise choice. Although these units are more expensive, they will save you money in the end once you factor in the potential cost of repairs and reupholsters.
  2. The security mechanism for a particular storage unit is another important factor in determining cost. The most common storage facilities offer a gate with a code, and a padlock on your individual unit. While these precautions prevent the majority of petty crime, determined thieves can easily bypass these security measures. Innovations in security technologies make it nearly impossible to break into your unit, but these products will come at a cost.
  3. Location, location, location. For maximum convenience, you want a storage facility near your home or workplace. If that means an urban area, the cost of your storage unit is going to increase. Unpopulated areas boast significantly cheaper land prices, and the price of a unit reflects this relative inexpensiveness.

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