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Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space

Renting a storage unit is a huge step in freeing up your space at home, simplifying your life, and protecting valuables, though many people who use them do not fully maximize the storage potential of their unit. There are a number of tactics that you can use to fully utilize your storage space, including:

  • Making a plan: By planning out what you want in your storage unit, you can ensure that you are not storing unnecessary items that may be better used as donations or thrown away. Additionally, you can keep a list of everything in your storage unit so you know exactly what is there and can even make a simple map showing the location of important items for easy access.
  • Pack strategically: Try to group items when you pack according to their function or purpose so that you will have an easier time accessing items later on. Also, stack boxes with the biggest and heaviest items on the bottom, and try to fit boxes in a way that does not leave unused space.
  • Large items: Put large items against walls to make more space for other items and boxes. Additionally, if any of these items have storage compartments, like a bookshelf or chest of drawers, make equal use of this space to store other items.
  • Create pathways: Don’t forget to make small pathways that will allow you to more easily access your items. If you do create a map of your items, include the pathway on the map to know exactly where all your items are.

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