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Tips to Maximize Your Storage Space

Renting a storage unit is a huge step in freeing up your space at home, simplifying your life, and protecting valuables, though many people who use them do not fully maximize the storage potential of their unit. There are a number of tactics that you can use to fully utilize your storage space, including:

  • Making a plan: By planning out what you want in your storage unit, you can ensure that you are not storing unnecessary items that may be better used as donations or thrown away. Additionally, you can keep a list of everything in your storage unit so you know exactly what is there and can even make a simple map showing the location of important items for easy access.
  • Pack strategically: Try to group items when you pack according to their function or purpose so that you will have an easier time accessing items later on. Also, stack boxes with the biggest and heaviest items on the bottom, and try to fit boxes in a way that does not leave unused space.
  • Large items: Put large items against walls to make more space for other items and boxes. Additionally, if any of these items have storage compartments, like a bookshelf or chest of drawers, make equal use of this space to store other items.
  • Create pathways: Don’t forget to make small pathways that will allow you to more easily access your items. If you do create a map of your items, include the pathway on the map to know exactly where all your items are.

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How Storage Units Can Protect Your Valuables

Items may be valuable because of their monetary worth, sentimental value, or for a variety of other reasons. Regardless of why your valuables are important to you, it is vital to keep these items safe and in proper condition to preserve their value and ensure they are protected for future use or future generations. Many people with valuables are unsure of what to do with their special items, and storage units can provide an apt solution to this problem, and contain a number of added benefits for your valuables, including:

  • Storage units provide extra security: this often includes alarms on the doors of storage units and 24/7 video surveillance. Your valuables are likely safer in a storage unit than they would be in your own home.
  • You know exactly where your valuables are: this reduces confusion as well as the likelihood of losing valuables that may be scattered throughout your home and consolidates them into a single safe space.
  • Storage units protect your valuables from damage: keeping your grandmother’s vase on the coffee table may lend it to being knocked over or shattered, or precious photos may sustain water or sun damage. In a climate controlled storage unit, these possibilities of damage are erased and the protection of your valuables is ensured.

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Three Factors Affecting Your Storage Unit Price

Three Factors Affecting Your Storage Unit Price

Whether you are moving, have a valuable collection, or simply own too much stuff, a storage unit is extremely useful. Television shows, such as Storage Wars, have glorified the practice of storage unit auctions, but the real value of these protective units is that they can cheaply house your valuables. Nearly every urban area in the country, and many rural ones, has storage yards in areas where land is cheap. The quality and ownership of these services vary from company to company, so extensive research is always prudent when deciding where to store your belongings.

When deciding on a storage facility, consider the factors that determine the quality of the facility. How professional is the ownership? Can you trust their security? You should ask these and other questions before spending any money. When considering the large discrepancy in prices between different storage facilities, consider the following factors:

  1. Climate-controlled storage units prevent damage to wood furniture, fabrics, and other items that must remain in pristine condition. When deterioration is a concern, a climate-controlled storage unit is a wise choice. Although these units are more expensive, they will save you money in the end once you factor in the potential cost of repairs and reupholsters.
  2. The security mechanism for a particular storage unit is another important factor in determining cost. The most common storage facilities offer a gate with a code, and a padlock on your individual unit. While these precautions prevent the majority of petty crime, determined thieves can easily bypass these security measures. Innovations in security technologies make it nearly impossible to break into your unit, but these products will come at a cost.
  3. Location, location, location. For maximum convenience, you want a storage facility near your home or workplace. If that means an urban area, the cost of your storage unit is going to increase. Unpopulated areas boast significantly cheaper land prices, and the price of a unit reflects this relative inexpensiveness.

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Self storage industry talks with fire safety agencies to enhance safety measures

The Self Storage Association Asia is in talks with the Buildings Department and the Fire Services Department to seek space-efficient solutions in a bid to meet building safety requirements.

In a statement released last Tuesday, January 17, SSAA executive director Luigi La Tona said, “We are proactively working with the government in order to find safe and sustainable solutions,” noting the industry is on its way to meet requirements on signage, improved fire exits, dead end elimination, and lighting.

When the FSD mandated a 2.4 meter gap between storage zones, the requirement was met by strong opposition from the industry. La Tona said they “could absolutely not meet” such a mandate and the rule would “drastically” and “negatively” affect the industry, which needs floor space. He added that up to 50 self storage facilities would close if such rules were implemented.

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Self Storage During the Holiday Season

Many families love celebrating, decorating, and partaking in all the festivities that each holiday contains. These holidays create the culture that we live in today, and celebrating them reminds us of what it is to live in a diverse country. The fall and winter seasons encompass many different holidays, each with drastically varying themes and purposes. While celebrating the holidays may be easy, preparing for them is not so much.

A holiday only lasts a few days or weeks which can make storing decorations and ornaments for the majority of a calendar year seem tedious and unnecessary. Thankfully, with self-storage, a person or family will be able to purchase holiday decorations at anytime during the year and store them without impeding on home or work space.

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Entrust your possessions to a company you can depend on

When shopping for a self-storage facility, it may seem that conducting a thorough interview with the employees of your prospective self-storage company is burdensome, unnecessary, or superfluous. Trust us when we say it is necessary to entrust your possessions to a company you can rely on 100% of the time.

Before choosing a self-storage company to give your patronage, prepare a set of questions to ask the company’s personnel, such as asking about the company’s credentials, edge over their competitors, specialties and promos, and what they can bring to the table.

Aside from conducting an interview with the company’s paid publicists, conduct research of the company on your own. Be sure to visit online forums or ask people you know about the company’s quality of service. Check what you know against what the company’s personnel tells you.

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StorageSeeker.com study shows 0.7% dip in average rents for self-storage units

Self-storage facilities finder StorageSeeker.com data showed that average rents for self-storage units dipped by 0.7% across the United States in November 2016, with rates dropping to 2.8% in Houston, Texas and even lower in the surrounding area.

StorageSeeker.com makes use of its Self-Storage Rent Index to compare monthly changes in prices in different cities all across the country. This drop was determined when November rates were compared with statistics recorded in the same areas in October.

The places where self-storage rents decreased were in Fremont in Alameda County, California (-8%); Buffalo, New York (-6.3%); and Garland, Texas (-5.5%). The places where self-storage rents increased were in Hayford, California (54.2%); Monterey, California (28.4%); and Daly City, California (18%).

Around 10% of American households and millions of companies make use of self-storage units, data from StorageSeeker.com showed.

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Self-Storage Facts in the Modern World

Business magazine Forbes said a reason why self-storage facilities are unpopular in many communities is because they provide little in terms of employment. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2012, the self-storage industry gave jobs to an average of 2.46 people per establishment, a decrease of 8.2% from 2007’s records.

Even so, employers have proven that the industry is a recession-proof investment. With 24% of the United States’ population composed of the baby boomer generation, there is a sure customer base for the industry, as this group is interested in downsizing, procuring smaller housing units or opting to live in retirement homes while getting rid of very few possessions. Another key customer base for the industry are small businesses who need space for housing inventory.

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Choose a Self-Storage Company with Personable Employees

What would you consider the important characteristics of a self-storage facility? What would make you patronize one over the other? Say there are two self-storage facilities with nice reputations in the industry, and both boast of supreme services. What do you think would make you choose one over the other? Or, if you have no idea about what to expect from a self-storage company, what do you think would win you over, at least initially?

Most people answer these questions with good service. A person at the front desk of a self-storage facility who really listens to you while you are speaking with him or her about your needs and is not constantly interrupting you or trying to hurry you up may make you feel partial to the facility. You would feel the same about a company whose tour guide gives you a passionate tour of your location, rather than brushing you aside.

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Why is Self-Storage Booming in Texas?

Two of the most important factors that determine the demand for self-storage are population growth and percentage of renter-occupied housing. This is because the more people live in a town, the more potential customers there are.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Texas is the second most populous state in the country at 9.24%. To put that in perspective, the national average population growth rate is 4.1%. This means there is a possibility that a lot of people who might be interested in self-storage potentially live in Texas.

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