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Investors battle in bids over self-storage properties

Investors interested in making money in real estate investment trusts are looking forward to dabble with a secure source of income – not luxury properties or high-rise malls, but storage warehouses, according to the Wall Street Journal on June 16.

One recent example was the sale of an Orlando-based self storage location, which was sold for $11.8 million after a bidding war between 18 contenders.

The self-storage sector is different than other aspects of commercial real estate, as the majority of properties are owned by individuals or small investors. Population growth and a strong economy has contributed to a revitalized housing market, which in turn influences the strength of the self-storage industry. People who move always need a place to store belongings.

It is easy to see that Austin itself is growing, and Mopac Self Storage is here to meet the city’s needs. To store your belongings, whether short or long-term, call our offices today at (512) 244-1011 and learn more about our self-storage options.

Why choose climate controlled storage units?

Summertime is in full swing in Central Texas and, as such, most of our days are spent with the air-conditioning on full blast. The importance of air-conditioning and climate controlled environments is not exclusive to humans, however. Many people forget that the valuable and sometimes priceless belongings in self-storage are just as susceptible to the heat as we are.

Climate controlled units are a necessity when storing certain types of possessions. If you are questioning whether or not you should invest in a climate controlled self-storage unit, ask yourselves these questions:

  • Does the temperature reach or exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • Is the storage facility in a high-humidity climate?
  • Are your possessions valuable?
  • Will you be storing items for a long period of time?
  • Will you be visiting or working in the storage unit often and require comfortable conditions?

Regardless of the type of storage unit you need, Ben White Mini Storage is ready to meet your requirements. Our Austin self-storage team is willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding methods of storing your belongings. Please call (512) 441-0101 today for more information about the types of units we provide and how to beat the heat this summer with climate controlled self-storage units.

Self-storage tips for the first-time customer

There’s no shortage of storage space in America, with 50,000 self-storage facilities existing in the country and 2.3 billion square feet of rentable self-storage space recorded in recent years, according to data from The Self Storage Association. However, before you go ahead and put your things in one company’s self-storage unit, it might be handy to consider these tips:

First, compare and contrast between varying self-storage companies. Consider a company with an attractive introductory deal; however, also gauge if you are choosing the best possible deal long-term.

Secure a commitment from the self-storage unit renter that the price won’t quickly rise in the months following your storage reservation.

If you need an efficient storage company to keep your items safely and properly stored, choose Pond Springs Mini Storage in Austin, Texas. Get in touch with us by calling our offices today at (512) 335-1500 to learn more about the variety of storage spaces and features we offer.

What to Store and Not Store

Self-storage units are a great way to keep items that you do not immediately need. Many people use self-storage units to keep inventory for their small businesses or when they are moving houses. While storage units can be great assets for a number of purposes, not every type of item belongs in a storage unit.

The most common hazardous or inappropriate items that people place in their self-storage units include:

• Combustible or toxic materials (i.e. gasoline, propane tanks, paint, etc.)
• More than four tires
• Certain types of construction equipment
• Perishable food or animal products

Many other products can be stored for long periods of time in a self-storage unit with no problem. Non-radioactive medicines and pharmaceutical supplies are also storable with proper climate control units.

If you are in the market for a self-storage unit, check out our local-owned business and let us help you find the best storage unit for your needs at our Mopac self storage center, or at our other two storage locations in Austin. You can also get advice on how best to store your belongings by browsing our tips on self-storage. Give us a call at (512) 244-1011 today for more information.

Spring cleaning your self storage unit

Most people forget to spruce up their storage unit every once in a while since the area isn’t a part of their daily life, however spring cleaning doesn’t only apply to an apartment or house. If your belongings are worth putting into storage, they are worth protecting and maintaining through some light cleaning.

The most efficient way to clean your self-storage unit is by removing your possessions completely before tackling the area. Sweeping and mopping the floor in order to eliminate the debris and dust that has accumulated over time is the first step to extending the life of your stored belongings. Re-organizing and individually placing your belongings back into the space after a quick wipe down can significantly help keep your space safe for months or years down the road.

By storing your belongings in a high quality self-storage unit, you can avoid the chore of cleaning out your storage unit quite as often. At Pond Springs Mini Storage, we offer a number of accommodation options for your valuable possessions. Please call 512-335-1500 to speak with one of our staff about the services we offer and how we can help you fulfill your storage needs.

Johnny Gimble recordings and memorabilia found in storage shed

Sixty-two-year-old Seattle fiddler Paul Anastasio vowed that music legend Johnny Gimble would not be forgotten after “boxes and boxes” of tapes, recordings, and memorabilia of the late country musician were found by the Gimble family in a storage shed at Gimble’s home in Dripping Springs, the Waco Tribune reported on May 17.

Texas-born Johnny Gimble built a career playing the fiddle and the mandolin – both in live performances and in the recording studio – for more than half a century, earning him the reputation of a champion of western swing music.

Anastasio had always been interested in recording music, spanning the days when he recorded performances by jazz violinists Joe Venuti and Stephane Grapelli. Within eight years, Anastasio had made yearly trips to hear musicians in the Michoacan and Guerrero states of southwest Mexico, amassing around 3,000 hours of recordings and over 300 transcribed tunes.

To preserve Johnny Gimble’s music, he started the process of transferring the tapes and other recordings he found to digital media.

If you want your belongings to be stored in a secure and safe location where you can access them any time you need to without worrying about theft or poor conditions, contact the Ben White Mini Storage in Austin by dialing (512) 441-0101 today.

Vintage cars found in Austin barn

Independent news and entertainment television network The Blaze recently reported that an avid car collector reached out to Motostalgia Auctions for help repairing five vintage vehicles he found in a barn he owns in Austin.

Jack moved from Wisconsin to Texas in the 1970’s, and the vehicles have been gathering dust ever since. All are pre-World War II era cars, including an REO Model G Boattail Roadster, a 1923 electric car, and three Cadillacs from the 1930’s.

Antonio Brunet of Motostalgia Auctions, Inc., will help him replenish the cars to some of their former glory in order to bring them onto the market. Estimates of the vehicles’ value reach up to $700,000.

Some things are too valuable to be left in a neglected barn for so many years. Ben White Mini Storage provides quality storage units for a variety of needs. To learn more about our services, call us at (512) 441-0101 today.

The importance of quality packing material

When you’re getting ready for a big move, or you’re packing up some belongings to store for a long time, you might be looking around your house for any materials or boxes that could make the process easier. Many people turn to old boxes from previous moves; although old boxes may be cheap and easily accessible, they are also likely to break down and may not provide the protection you need.

Some people feel that investing in new, high quality boxes is an unnecessary expense, but if your belongings are worth saving, aren’t they also worth protecting? All too often, people fail to properly pack valuable belongings and must deal with broken items as a result.

At Ben White Mini Storage, we offer the following packing supplies to make your moving or storage experience as effortless and efficient as possible:

  • Small box – 16”x12”x12”
  • Med box – 18”x18”x16”
  • Lg box – 24”x18”18”
  • Ex Lg box – 24”x18”x24”
  • Various padlocks
  • Packing paper
  • Mattress bags
  • Plastic covering
  • Rope
  • Packing tape

If you would like more information about the packing supplies at Ben White Mini Storage, or would like to speak to a professional about the storage services we offer, please call us today at (512) 441-0101.

Self-storage outnumbers McDonald’s three to one

The industry of self-storage is booming, as is evident by the swelling number of self-storage locations across the country, according to an article by Cubed National on April 20.

The numbers indicate that there are more than triple the amount of self-storage stores than McDonald’s locations in the country, amounting to a whopping 48,500. According to one investor quoted in an REjournal.com article, if the amount of storage space was averaged among every person in the U.S., each individual would have 7 square feet of self-storage.

Mopac Self Storage recognizes the continued need for self-storage, especially in our quickly growing city. Our locally-owned business offers convenient, varied, and climate-controlled spaces where you can safely store your belongings. Feel free to browse through our newly designed website, call our property managers for further advice about the best storage space for your specific needs, and browse through our tips on self-storage. Call us today at (512) 244-1011 to learn more.

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