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Entrust your possessions to a company you can depend on

When shopping for a self-storage facility, it may seem that conducting a thorough interview with the employees of your prospective self-storage company is burdensome, unnecessary, or superfluous. Trust us when we say it is necessary to entrust your possessions to a company you can rely on 100% of the time.

Before choosing a self-storage company to give your patronage, prepare a set of questions to ask the company’s personnel, such as asking about the company’s credentials, edge over their competitors, specialties and promos, and what they can bring to the table.

Aside from conducting an interview with the company’s paid publicists, conduct research of the company on your own. Be sure to visit online forums or ask people you know about the company’s quality of service. Check what you know against what the company’s personnel tells you.

Ben White Mini Storage in North Austin is one of the best self-storage companies to entrust with your most valuable possessions. With friendly and reliable staff, superb security and surveillance systems, and climate controlled surroundings, your belongings are safe in our units. Call our offices today at (512) 441-0101 for reservations or inquiries. We are here at your disposal for whatever you need.

Choose a Self-Storage Company with Personable Employees

What would you consider the important characteristics of a self-storage facility? What would make you patronize one over the other? Say there are two self-storage facilities with nice reputations in the industry, and both boast of supreme services. What do you think would make you choose one over the other? Or, if you have no idea about what to expect from a self-storage company, what do you think would win you over, at least initially?

Most people answer these questions with good service. A person at the front desk of a self-storage facility who really listens to you while you are speaking with him or her about your needs and is not constantly interrupting you or trying to hurry you up may make you feel partial to the facility. You would feel the same about a company whose tour guide gives you a passionate tour of your location, rather than brushing you aside.

If you are looking for high-quality self-storage facility services in Austin, coupled with secure storage units and highly personable self-storage attendants, look no further than our services here at Ben White Mini Storage. Call our offices at (512) 441-0101 to learn more about your storage choices.

Starting a self-storage business with shipping containers

Standardized shipping containers, since their invention in the 1950’s, have become a fixture of self-storage needs.

When a self-storage company owns vacant land on its premises, it would be easy for its managers to add units. However, instead of constructing units made of gravel and cement, they have the convenience of setting up shipping containers that are easy to install and remove in case business is slow. Instead of resorting to permanent fixtures such as newly-erected buildings, investing in easily removable shipping containers can be good for your business.

If a company needs extra income or has no further uses for your shipping containers, selling them would be easy. There are always people in need of a shipping container, especially when starting a business or moving.

If you are looking for the best self-storage services in all of North Austin, look no further than Ben White Mini Storage. Call our offices today at (512) 441-0101 to learn more about our services.

Verify Your Self Storage Unit’s Actual Size Before Renting It

If you’re looking to rent a storage space at a self-storage facility, it is wise to verify whether the size of your storage unit is as what the facility advertised. Measurements in the self-storage industry can be inexact. It is similar to how a common 2-by-4 is really 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches. There is wiggle room between the nominal size and actual size. Storage unit size is also influenced by wall, slab, and door configurations, and building design.

In one Self-Storage Talk forum thread, a self-storage facility manager posted about an irate customer whose frustration came after he found out that the unit he was renting was actually an 18 foot by 8 foot space rather than the advertised 20 feet by 8 feet. Self-storage attorney Jeff Greenberger said some self-storage terminology is ripe for concern. For instance, when a self storage facility advertises that it has climate control, it is vague whether the facility is saying that their units are heated and cooled or temperature and humidity controlled.

Choose your self-storage services from Ben White Mini Storage in North Austin to avoid these confusions. We have friendly and effective managers, secure and climate-controlled units, and affordable rates. Do not hesitate to consider us when looking for a place to store your most valuable possessions. Call us today at (512) 441-0101.

Moving, self-storage fast-growing industries in the U.S.

Advances in the self-storage and moving services industry are expected to be driven by mobility in the United States as more individuals and businesses relocate to avoid high rates of real estate after the recession and extended slow recovery, revealed in a report titled Self Storage and Moving Services conducted by Cleveland, Ohio-based research firm The Freedonia Group.

Consumer and Commercial Products manager Jennifer Mapes-Christ said some people find it necessary to move to get additional storage space for their properties, while other people, who are already living in urban setups, find that they are afforded the necessity of acquiring more storage space because of their change in lifestyle from a rural to an urban one, noting, “Additionally, as more baby boomers downsize, family heirlooms and other large possessions will increasingly be kept in storage.”

The continued boom in both the self-storage and the moving services industries can also be attributed to an increasingly competitive environment as these sectors do not require too stringent rules to enter.

Ben White Mini Storage in Austin is an excellent choice when it comes to patronizing a solid and competent self-storage facility service provider. We have friendly staff who can provide you with storage tips to ensure that your possessions remain in the same great condition as when you stored them. Call our offices today at (512) 244-1011.

Negative side effects of disorganization

A lot of people do not know how to organize the clutter in their homes, and as a result they misplace items and find it hard to recall where they place their things.

According to a new survey issued by the Austin-based online storage marketplace Sparefoot, disorganization can have serious and debilitating effects on one’s life. Sparefoot marketing manager Jodi Holzband noted the unfortunate statistic that, “Almost a third of people are spending two hours or more a week, self-reported, looking for things in their home.” Unfortunately, getting caught in clutter can cause excess anxiety and stress, which harms personal relationships and careers.

At Ben White Mini Storage, we offer you a safe space to move items out of your home to help you get and stay organized in Austin. If you are in need of the best storage units in the city, call our offices at (512) 335-1500 to learn more about our storage options.

Study grants insight into the country’s clutter problem

There is a nationally recognized day for people who wish to store their most personal things in bubble wrap and boxes. It’s called National Moving Day, to highlight the beginning of moving season, and starts yearly on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. This year National Moving Day was celebrated on May 31.

The Storage and Moving Study conducted by Virginia-based research group Wakefield Research took a look into the effect of clutter in the lives of Americans. The findings show that clutter is a big part of the American life: it impacts our time management, personal relationships, and health. The study also showed that often it is guilt that makes most people hold onto things they don’t necessarily want. The items that most people would feel too guilty to throw away include gifts (51%), a family heirloom (49%), clothing not often worn (43%), greeting cards (41%), and drawings or other artwork that their children made for them (21%).

Our clients at Ben White Mini Storage in Austin are raving about our clean and safe storage spaces, our affordable prices, and our friendly staff. If you are interested in storing your things in one of our storage spaces, get in touch with us by calling our office at (512) 441-0101.

Keeping your things in Austin over the summer

For many students in Austin, summer is a time to return home or travel abroad.  While some may choose to lug all of their things back home in a trailer, many others choose to save themselves the trouble by storing their possessions right here in Austin.  At Ben White Mini Storage, we offer units that are as large as 10′ by 30′ and as small as 5′ by 5′ in an effort to help match our clients needs.  Keeping that in mind, you should consider leaving your products in one of our units instead of hauling your things home for the summer this year.

When you finally return from your summer adventures, all of your possessions will be waiting for you in our secure facilities located just off of Ben White. If you would like to get a better idea of the services we offer at our Ben White Mini Storage, please feel free to call our offices at (512) 441-0101 today.

Tips for Storing Your Summer Clothes in Winter

The winter season has already arrived and is here to stay for quite some time. Your summer clothes are going to find themselves stuck in the closet for a few months until summer makes its way back around, so we at Ben White Mini Storage want to share a few tips for storing these items during the cold winter months ahead.

  • Wash all clothes before packing them away in storage, especially if any articles of clothing have stains or dirt on them.
  • Invest in vacuum-sealed bags to conserve space and protect your clothes in storage.
  • Store items in plastic, air-tight containers rather than cardboard boxes or plastic bags that won’t protect your belongings from moisture.

Ben White Mini Storage in Austin is an excellent choice when it comes to quality self storage services in the state of Texas. If you are in need of a little extra space for your belongings, get in touch with us by calling our offices today at (512) 441-0101. A representative will be happy to discuss pricing, amenities, and availability with you.

Self storage industry advanced by technological strides


Just like nearly every other aspect of our lives, modern businesses are reaping a multitude of benefits from technological advances, and that includes the self storage industry. By recognizing the U.S. population’s interest in the simplicity afforded by smart phones, storage facilities are taking steps to provide a user friendly experience that allows clients to enjoy a number of new and easy ways to stay connected to their belongings.

Customers may now enjoy quick payment methods via smart phones or tablets, as well as mobile friendly website designs that allow for information to be conveyed instantly while you’re on the go.

At Ben White Mini Storage in North Austin, we are working to build the best possible experience for all of our customers. We want every client to know that his or her belongings will be safe from damage in our weather tight, climate controlled, secure storage units. To learn more about the amenities we offer or discuss any questions you may have, call (512) 441-0101 today.

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